Petites Tuques: Cowansville mom and knitter Lisa Savage quit her job and started her own business making cool tuques, hats, mittens and scarfs. Kid sizes available too, along with baby booties. Visit, or visit Lisa's online store here. She also blogs about knitting here.

St. Edward Church's Thursday sale: Knowltonites and people from away flock to St. Edward (built in 1868) every Thursday afternoon for its famous sale of high-quality, dirt-cheap clothes and sundry other stuff. The first Thursday of the month is especially popular; $5 lets you fill a garbage bag with kids' clothes, toys, bowling balls, dishware, karate outfits, books, blankets, fabrics, scarves and anything else you can find. No limit on number of bags. Last visited: Every Thursday pretty much (that would be by our shopping correspondent, Rhonda). Rating: Awesome! Address: 366 Knowlton Rd., Qc., tel.: 450-263-1616.

Woolrich warehouse sale: Locals in the know jam the biannual sale each fall and spring for top-quality clothes sold at heavy discounts from the "original outdoor apparel company" (since 1830). I'm not a big clothing shopper, but I walked out of there with an armload full of cool country duds. Tip: don't go the first day. They restock every evening, so the looooong wait (up to two hours) isn't worth it. Rating: Awesome! Last visited: regularly. Address: 476 Knowlton Rd. (Odd Fellows Hall), Knowlton, Qc. Or if you just can't wait for the sales, visit the Woolrich outlet at 264 Knowlton Rd. (tel.: 450-243-0058).

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