Au Naturel: This organic and natural-products shop in the heart of Sutton offers a nice variety of products, including organic food, at good prices. Rating: Awesome! Address: 1 rue Principale Nord, Sutton, Qc. tel.: 450-538-3720.

Mont-Echo Naturels:
This operation on Mont Echo, just north of Sutton, sells skin and hair products that use the legendary sea buckthorn, a healthful orange little fruit that is widely consumed in Europe but little-known in North America. Also known as seaberry, it was credited by Ghenghis Khan for giving his armies vast endurance, the site says. The oils were used traditionally to help heal skin problems and other health conditions from eczema to arthritis and diarrhea. Check out their cool products and learn more about this amazing berry at their new boutique and interpretive centre in Knowlton. Rating: Awesome! Address: 70 Lakeside, Knowlton, Qc., tel.: 450-243-5777, website:

Osteopath, Annie Fortin: Annie is awesome. She helped me out with a very painful sciatica problem in a couple of reasonably priced treatments. Based in Granby. Rating: Awesome. Tel.: 450-330-0233.

Osteopath, Nathalie Durand: Nathalie is incredible. She helped our babies with some super-gentle treatments after they were born that fixed some big breastfeeding problems that a long list of lactation consultants, doctors, midwives and nurses couldn't treat. Highly recommended for both baby and mom after labour. Nathalie specializes in pregnant women, infants and the elderly and treats adults too. Based in St Joachim de Shefford. Rating: Awesome. Tel.: 450-360-0188.

Naturopath, Tutti Gould: Highly skilled and renowned local naturopathic doctor. Her partner cured my wife Rhonda's very bad allergy to animals in one session by "talking with her unconscious." Hard to believe but true! Located in Sutton. Rating: Awesome. Tel.: 450-538-4041, email:

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