Duotel Telephone: Country folk know all about how hard it is to get reliable phone and internet service. Once you've stopped cursing Bell and are ready for an alternative, call Duotel or their partner in Sherbrooke, Dave Moore. Duotel and Moore service and install phone and data lines much cheaper than the bozos at Bell, actually know what they're doing and can suggest creative solutions you didn't know existed. Duotel's Donald Gagné, based in Knowlton, services the eastern half of the Townships, while Dave covers the western part. Last used: April 2009. Rating: Awesome. Tel. for Duotel: 450-243-0000, 1-800-783-0933 or 450-242-2233 (h. and fax). Tel. for Dave: 819-564-2303, 819-571-6332 (c) or 819-573-1891 (p).

Electronique Fixtout: Super-nice and highly resourceful Michel Batko seems to be able to fix pretty much any busted computer device or electronic equipment you hand over to him. Very reasonable rates. Last visited: regularly. Rating: Awesome. Address: 328-B chemin Knowlton, Qc., tel.: 450-243-1118.

Larry Gagné: Bell-trained technician for satellite, phone and home theatre services. Tel.: 450-263-6366. Website: here.

Tim Woodard and Troy Jacob: Everyone has their renovation horror stories. But those days are behind us now that we hooked up with Tim and his partner Troy. These guys are highly professional, skilled, conscientious and detail-oriented. And they're just good guys. They do big and small jobs. And their rates are very reasonable. What can I say? Call them now! Bonus: They also supply firewood at good prices. Rating: Awesome and awesomer. Tel.: (Tim) 450-531-8278 (c) or 450-243-1933 (h) or (Troy) 450-405-2281 (c) or 450-242-2863 (h).


colleyc said...

Serving the Eastern Townships for over 35 years.
Bell Trained, Highly Skilled Technician for all your satellite, telephone and home theatre needs.
Could you post this in the service section?

Alex Roslin said...

Hi Colleyc,

No problem. Just put it up. Do you recommend Larry?

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